alley Open House 10.3Thanks for coming to the Alley Corridor Project design workshops! Your feedback for the design approaches will help guide the designs.

The Project will design a “shovel-ready” surface design and explore lighting concepts. Both of these should be:
- cost-effective
- historically appropriate
- community driven

Contrasting Design Approaches
The designers presented two contrasting design approaches to see what you like, don’t like or what’s missing. The final design will reflect public feedback and may blend elements from both. See VISUALS with elements and materials of the two approaches.

  • The Gallery: Curate the alley. | Embrace the diverse businesses and history. | Reveal layers of cultural meaning hidden in plain site along alleys. | The present is enlivened through an embrace of the past.
  • The Stage: Staging the alley reimagines what the space is. | Embrace the theatricality of the alleys. | People animate alleys. | Opportunities to engage and enliven alleys.

Feedback Survey
Please give us your feedback on design approaches by filling out this QUICK SURVEY. Your ideas will help finalize the alley designs!