Public Input GraphicThe Alley Corridor Project kicked off with an open house in Nord Alley - Alley Inspirations - September 5th. Residents, businesses, property owners and anyone interested in improving the alleys came out to offer their hopes for the alleys. See more here: Comments & Project Information

The Project, led by the International Sustainability Institute, will design a new, authentic surface treatment that continues citizen-driven momentum and critical rethinking about the role of alleys within Seattle’s historic heart: Pioneer Square. The design will invite pedestrians and businesses to increase their use of these spaces. SvR Design Company leads the project with Olson Kundig Architects and Leni Schwendinger.

The project focuses on two alleys – Nord Alley & Pioneer Passage.  Designs for these two alley will serve as templates to be applied throughout the neighborhood, positioning Pioneer Square to use alleys as active public spaces full of historic character. The result –  cost effective “shovel ready” surface design with community and city approval that paves the way for resurfacing any of our neighborhood’s alleys.

Read about the project from our partners at the Alliance for Pioneer Square.

If you missed Alley Inspirations on 9/5, please join us at our next events on 9/24, 10/3 and 11/7.
And we want to hear from you! Send us an email and tell us your aspirations for the alleys. Contact

Join us at Upcoming Events:

9.24 | Nightseeing Pioneer Square Alley, Talk & Walk led by lighting designer Leni Schwendinger
10.3 | Public Open House to see and discuss conceptual designs (Nord Alley 5-7pm)
11.7 | Public Open House to see final designs  (Nord Alley 5-7pm)

The Alley Corridor Project is funded in part by a Neighborhood Matching Fund award from the City of Seattle, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.