See the newest alley art installation, 
Telescope Art by Sarah Ruether and Nick MacDonald. Sarah and Nick used discarded plug plates from the Sloan Foundation’s 2.5 meter telescope’s focal plane for the newest alley art. These plates are drilled with thousands of holes to capture light from a galaxy, quasar or other target. Each hole conveys light to a spectograph through an optical fiber. Telescope Art on display in Nord Alley Feb-Mar 2013.


“Art, bringing light into a dark alley….
From holes which guided light from far away in a dark sky;
Into individual fibers, to understand galaxies, quasars and other mysteries of the universe – Sarah Ruether


Visit Nord Alley for the art party on First Thursday Art Walk 2/7. Hosted by the Alley Network Project and the International Sustainability Institute. Come into the Nord Building for BIKE LOVE! Help Back Alley Bike Repair celebrate their 1 year anniversary with bike industry craftspeople displaying their locally produced goods. BABR will also be featuring exclusive art by the talented Kyler Martz. To spread the bike love, Bicycle Alliance of Washington and Zip Car are hosting live music and craft beer.

Meet our newest neighbor Shanda Foisy of Pixel Soup Creative. Shanda will show off her collection of Valentine’s Day prints outside her new studio in the Nord Building.